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FAQ about EZ Mulch:

How do we sell our material? We sell our material by the cubic yard.

How much ground does a cubic yard cover?  A cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet applied at a depth of 2 1/2 inches.

How many bags of mulch equal one yard?  Approximately 13 two cubic foot bags equal one yard.

How long will the job take? That depends upon the amount of material, blowing distance, and type of application. Typically, you can expect to blow 10 to 30 cubic yards an hour.

How far can the trucks blow material? Most mulch materials can be applied at distances over 250 feet from the truck.

How much does it cost? Call us for a free estimate.

Is there a minimum? Yes, we have a 20 yard minimum. In some cases a larger order may be required depending on travel distance.

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